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[Final] Vernichtungslager 1945 (8)

Vernichtungslager 1945 (8).sga

Author: Vyvjala
Build: Friday, October 24, 2008, 3:18:02 PM
Size: 11.7 MB
Features: 8 Player Map
Victory Point and Annihilate
Works with Opposing Fronts Expansion


Allies are winning the war, but this hidden and unscathed German base still blocks their path to victory. The death camp masks a heavily fortified secret base. Expect strong resistance and booby traps, the Germans know a battle will ensue.


The American and German bases are separated by an undamaged town. The center of the map is divided by a railroad that also serves as a territory disconnect point. Both armies must cross open areas and then bridges on their sides of the map before reaching the urban area. Each side has at least two large bridges and a footbridge to the mainland. The playable area is rectangular in shape and as such, longer than it is wide. The Americans start in a wooded area to the North near an industrial district and the Germans begin in the South in a heavily fortified base for which this map is named. German bridges are wired with explosives and one of their flanks is mined -- but there are markers to identify the area. The year is 1945 and the Americans are tasked with pushing through the town and eliminating the German resistance there before assaulting the base and destroying all German occupation. This map has been heavily play-tested for both balance and game issues. Enjoy.


Download File: (11.7 MB)
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This map is beutiful i helped test this with him u should get it
I will get you, 1 way or another
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how can i put the map on the skirmish to play? please reply me my mail jiayu_913@hotmail
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How Do I make these maps work on skirmish for battle of the buldge mod
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Originally Posted by RammsteinRules9 View Post
How Do I make these maps work on skirmish for battle of the buldge mod
You can copy any noncompressed (SGB) map into your "companyofheroes/BotB/data/scenarios/mp" folder. But standard maps looks weird in BotB, The tiles for BotB have ben changed to winter textures, and not all custom maps fits into this tileset.
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This map looks awesome - the screenshots of the show that it it is REALLY detailed.

The bridges make for great fight and barrier for defensive players but the different islands provide great logistical value for aggressive players.


*edit* I tried to play this on skirmish but I couldn't find it (or any other maps I've downloaded...) - help?

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*edit* I tried to play this on skirmish but I couldn't find it (or any other maps I've downloaded...) - help?[/quote]

I have the same problem, can some one explain how to fix?
Hi I'm still new But,
This is Alaric
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I like how he looks.
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